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National Yang-Ming University, Department & Institute of Physiology
National Yang-Ming University, Department & Institute of Physiology
Research Principle in Physiology & Medicine
2/16  Introduction-張原翊
2/23  Paraquat Induces Cell Death Through Impairing Mitochondrial Membrane Permeability-黃乃瑰
3/02 淺談台灣生技醫藥產業的發展契機-陳嘉南
3/09 環境應答奈米材料應用於抗癌藥物傳輸-駱俊良
3/16 From Oncogenic Virus to Cancer Research-張佩靖
3/23 Molecular Link Between Language and Autism Genes in Early Synaptic Wiring of Corticostriatal Circuits-劉福清
3/30 Neurogenic Breathing Disorders and Brainstem Dysfunction in Neurodegeneration (地點:研樓1樓階梯教室)-Mathias Dutschmann
4/06 Discussion I-張原翊
4/13 抗癌藥物、蛋白質藥物、抗老化成分或眼藥佐劑及遞輸系統之研發-駱雨利
4/20 Human Placental Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells and Angiogenesis-陳治平
4/27 藥品臨床試驗產業的就業機會與建議-江旆萱
5/04 Oncogenic Signal Transduction: from Rous Sarcoma Virus to Mitochondria-郁兆蘭
5/11 自閉症患童之大腦奧秘-羅伃君
5/18 Identification of Neuronal Pentraxin II as a key component in the regulation of anxiety-黃國正
5/25 Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 in Atherosclerosis-李宗玄
6/01 Cytoprotection and Death Resistance Conferred by Glucose In Stressed Intestine-余佳慧
6/08 抗老化中藥由來新藥開發的優勢及挑戰-吳榮燦
6/15 Discussion II-張原翊

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